4 Things You Don't Know about Tennessee DUI Law but Should

1. You don't have to perform any Field Sobriety Tests. In fact, we suggest that you don't attempt any sobriety task the officer asks you to perform.

Police Car Sobriety Test.jpg

2. If you refuse to submit to the blood test for alcohol or drugs, the officer will apply for a search warrant to get the blood from your body. You will also be cited for Violation of Implied Consent, which could result in a one year loss of your driver's license.

3. You can be charged with DUI even if you weren't driving. Tennessee DUI law states that you only have to be in control of a motor vehicle for the purposes of DUI.  Sleeping in your car, with the keys, constitutes "control."  This applies even if you never intended on driving. 

4. The passenger of a car can also be charged with DUI. If you allow someone that is under the influence to drive your car, and you're a passenger, you can be charged with "DUI by Allowing" if the driver gets a DUI charge.  DUI by Allowing carries the same penalties as DUI in Tennessee. So be careful who you let drive your car.